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Case Study 3 : Water Entering House
We had a major problem at our house because the downstairs family room at the back of the house would get wet, and actually flooded during and after heavy rain. We made several attempts to stop this happening, but without success.

We then contacted Hygro Seepage Control and discussed their approach to fixing this problem. They explained that they did not try to stop the house from flooding. They removed the moisture from the ground before it got to the house and the house was no longer affected by the water, so this would stop the flooding.

Dennis Morgan came to our house to inspect and give a quote. He explained that even though the room that flooded was at the back right hand side of the house, the moisture that was causing the problem was coming from the left hand side of the front yard. He provided a quote to install the Hygro Seepage Control system near the boundary in the front yard, and suggested the source of the water would be between two and three metres below ground, and moving on top of a layer of rock. We accepted the quote and requested Hygro Seepage Control install the system as quoted.

During excavation they encountered the moisture at two metres depth. It was moving on top of a rock layer, exactly as predicted. They continued to excavate through the rock to 2.5 metres depth, and then installed the system. It initially pumped a large volume of water, not only from the source of the ground water, but also a large amount of water that had been lying under the house.

The system is now working as anticipated, there is no longer water under the house, and after recent heavy rains there is no sign of water ingress into our house.

The system is now keeping our home dry, and we are very pleased we made the decision to install it. We would happily recommend the Hygro Seepage Control system to anyone who has problems with ground water affecting their home.

This home owner had severe water issues under their house, the lower floor would flood to a depth of 100 to 200mm deep water.

When we were initially contacted, it sounded like a real problem but something that was similar to what we do.

At our first site inspection we identified the source of the water and determined where to situate the Hygro Seepage Control system.

On this basis we quoted to install the system, and the quote was accepted.

The installation process was relatively simple, we had to dig through some diggable shale but we have equipment to handle this problem. We found more water than we actually expected, and also had a lot of water run back from under the house. There must have been a considerable reservoir of water under there all the time.

The system works well and the client is happy.

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