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Case Study 2 : Mould & Health
My wife was having a number of health issues and we suspected there were problems with our home, built in the early 1900s, contributing to her issues. So we had testing done by a Building Biologist and the tests showed that we had moisture and mould issues within our house. We were uncertain what to do next, so the Building Biologist suggested that Hygro Seepage Control would likely be able to help us.

We made contact and informed Dennis Morgan of our moisture and mould problems. He came to our house, in the Snowy Mountains, and identified that the natural underground water flow of our sloping block of land went directly under the areas of our house that had the moisture and mould issues. He advised us how he could solve the problem by installing the Hygro Seepage Control system and how it would make a difference to our house and living environment. We felt very confident that Dennis had the solution for us so we organised a date for installation.

Dennis and his team came to our house with a large amount of equipment and special truck and installed the system within the day. Whilst drilling down into the ground they actually found a build up of water, which only reinforced to us how much water had been pooling under our house.

Since we have had the system installed there has been a significant drop in the quantity of moisture inside our house - we have an internal dehumidifier that used to fill up daily and since the system was installed we now empty it either weekly or fortnightly, depending on the time of the year. As time has passed my wife's health has significantly improved and she says that she "feels" a real change in the internal atmosphere of our house.

The Hygro Seepage Control system has made a huge difference for us and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who has any moisture and mould issues in their house.

Kevin Regan

This house is located in the Snowy Mountains, it has a timber floor more than half a metre above ground with plenty of air movement underneath. There is probably no cleaner air in Australia than in this high altitude district. A married couple live there and the lady was continually unwell. Her medical practitioners could not find the cause of her health issues and suggested she look at the environment she lived in, particularly her home.

They contacted and engaged the services of a Housing Biologist, who took many meter readings and samples for testing. This identified a lot of mould and other moisture related pathogens both in and under the house. It was recommended that the owners should contact Hygro Seepage Control to see if their system could provide a solution to the problem.

During our first site visit we identified a moisture seam moving under the neighbouring property, crossing the boundary and passing under the house. We prepared a quotation to install the Hygro Seepage Control system beside the boundary of the adjoining property, and pump the discharge water to the street. This quote was accepted and the work proceeded.

The installation of the system went more or less as planned, we located the moisture seam as anticipated and the system collects the water and discharges it away from the house. During the excavation we encountered rock at a higher level, but managed to dig through that and continue the excavation to below the water layer, so the system collects all the water and works perfectly.

While we make no claim to have any skills or knowledge in the medical field, the owners report that their health has improved dramatically and the house is much more livable since the system has been installed.

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