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Case Study 1 : Re-active Clay
I would like to say how easy it was to deal with, and getting the job done easily and quickly.

We originally had structural engineer to come and do levels of our house and it was lifted quite significantly, and suggested to have Seepage control water removal to be done.

After 2mths we had seepage control to place one of their pump systems inground as suggested by the structural engineer. After 6mths we had more levels taken and no further movement had been noted.

Without Seepage control we would be underpinning and fixing, which this had saved money.

We would like to thank Dennis and team on creating an solution that fits within our budget and overall making our house more stable.


The first time we heard about the house in question, we were contacted by an Engineering Consultancy that had been engaged by the owner to monitor structural cracking in the building and try to suggest a remedy. The cracking was being caused by re-active clay in the foundations expanding due to moisture and resulting in heave under the footings.

The Engineer asked whether our system of removing moisture from the ground would help in this situation.

We visited site and assessed what we believed to be the cause of the problem. We identified a moisture seam at the rear of the property that was moving along the length of the block.

We explained our proposed method to deal with this, and quoted to install the Hygro Seepage Control system where we believed it have the best effect.

The quote was accepted and we proceeded with the work. The installation went well, and we found the moisture exactly as and where we had predicted.

The ongoing cracking of the house stopped immediately, and as the existing moisture in the clay began to dry out the house started to settle down and the cracks reduced in size . The house has since virtually repaired itself.

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